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5 SEO Secrets to Get More Sales

We all wish to get targeted traffic to your sites and increase interest and sales in either our products or services and using the top Search Engine Optimization techniques can help us do just that. Here you can find these tips to improve in your sales techniques online.

1. Making sure that you have an eye catching title and description of your site/products/services is the key to receiving a good number of hits through the Search Engines. In SEO language these translate n what we call the title and meta tags so putting the right keywords into your title and description are a good start. Try to find the best combination of keywords to get the most visitors and using a keyword tool is a good idea to getting the best combination for your site.

2. Making a really eye catching headline that will keep your visitor glued to the site is very important and using something like a ‘how to’ or ‘hints and tips’ for example are usually good bait for your targeted traffic. Though you have to find a good long tail keyword that is appropriate for your site for example using a headline that acts like a question your customer might type in such as ‘how to cure arthritis’ for example might work very well.

3. Using clusters of keywords in each page for your traffic to land on is great and also links to various products or pages you want your customers to see using a text or hyper link with a specific keyword that your traffic will be keying in to view. Rather than using the name of the site it is good to use a text link with a keyword linking to the site on a page as this is very search engine friendly.

4. Using Audio and visual images and sounds on your site can really enhance the image of your site and make it much more colorful and attractive to your prospective customers as long as you use the combinations wisely and they are not too obtrusive.

5. Try to include a search box on your blog or site as this may encourage people to stay on your site for longer and if you use an analytical tool like Google Analytics for example hen you can see what kind of keywords your visitors are typing in so you can have an idea of what they are interested in and s even this will work directly or indirectly to your benefit.
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