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Top 5 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Make sure your English, grammar and spelling, is up to par and can be understood by International Readers as colloquial language that is used in your local area may not be understood by some one else a few thousand miles away. Also don't use a crappy title for your blog. An eye catchy title can work miracles and is like fish bait.

2. Do not show that you are trying too hard to sell your services, products or even blogging information. Make your site look natural, organic and as easy going as you can, despite the effort you are making. No one likes a hard sell and you have to sell your wares in the most subtle way possible.

3. Do not stray from the topics in hand and wonder off into some other realm as that may bore your readers to tears. Always make sure content is both informative and relevant to what you want to put across to your readers. No one likes a blog that waffles on about all and sundry and is full of useless and tacky information.

4. If you are creating a new blog do not use the default templates that your blogging platform provides. Even if it takes you several days or even a week to find the write blogging template to express your opinion in then you better take your time as an attractive blog is one way of getting some instant traffic to your site. No one likes a tacky blog that looks dull and boring even if it has great content. The blog has to look good as well as BE good just like other aspects of our lives. Your blog is like your store front or a window to your soul and it has to look clean and fresh and most of all inviting.

5. Do not be only introspective without involving others as this will not attract lots of traffic to your blog. Involve and engage with other bloggers. Leave feed back and comments on other people's blogs that share a common goal with you or are writing in the same niche. If you don't get involved in the blogging community how do you expect others to come and be part of what you represent? The Blogging Game is a two way street so only then you can succeed as a blogger.
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