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Avoid Paid Featured Directory Listing and Sitewide Links

Getting backlinks from the free sources are always beneficial for a website and helps a website to get rank well in search engines. If you want to purchase links be careful specially when you want to purchase paid directory listing. I advice stop buying paid links and its better to buy quality content and publish it on your blog.

The search engine giant, Google can easily identify your unnatural link activity even these directories offers free submission. The reason is simple. Google sending link voilation messages to the webmasters through google webmaster tools. Google easily identifies it through sitewide links or the common navigation or footer section where a website's link is placed and this link is found in more than 100 of pages in the same website.

Say No to Sitewide Link or Featured Section

A month ago, I also purchased the paid spots in three directories and got email from google a week ago. When I checked my google webmaster tool, I found more than 2500 links are coming to my site from these three directories. I still see digitalpoint and other webmasters forums where webmasters sell or purchase links without any fear.

The Best Link Building Strategies After Google Panda and Penguine Updates :

  • Publish not less than 350 words unique content. Link your keyword inside the content with the relevant page.
  • Avoid reciprocal link building in bulk, sitewide links and links under featured section.
  • Donot make more than 15-20 links a day.
  • Rely on free source of backlinks - Directories, Articles, Social Bookmarks.
  • Focus more on contextual links from relevant sites/blogs only.
  • Utilize the power of social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • A new website owner should keep patience and start link building atleast after 3 months.
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