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Optimize Website for its Geographic Location

Suppose you are selling some local products in the city of UK then your aim should be optimize your website for that geographic location. Optimize your website to attract more visitors from that city because you are not doing business in other location. So optimize your website for geographic location and increase the traffic from the target location and it will help in your business. Some of the useful tips are mentioned below. These tips will be helpful when optimizing your website for geographic location :

a) In the title of the pages, include location name( e.g. Product Name Hampshire UK) if you are selling your products in Hampshire else include the city name)
b) It is better if you add the physical address in the footer of all the pages. You can include it in the contact us page. The address should contain Street Address, City Name, State, Zip Code of the city, and the Country.
c) Google webmaster central allow you to set the geographical location of your website. Set your geographical location here.
d) Include your website in Google local business centre. Open the url http://www.google.com/local/add/ in the browser and you can directly reach to the google local business center.
e) Yahoo also provides local business option. So add your website in Yahoo local business. The url is http://local.yahoo.com/
f) Search local classified directories and post the ads of your website in these directories. (Classified directories will not increase the backlinks of your website because these directories not directly link to your website. Yes but you can receive the enquiry of the interested personal via classified directories)

These tips will increase the ranking of your website in the particular geographic location .
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