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Importance of Blog Footer Text in SEO


Do you know the importance of footer text? Some are not aware of the importance of footer text. A footer text is very important if you own a blog. The purpose of blogging is to bring traffic and send to our website and get theme based backlinks or for other purpose.

What is Footer Text :
A small text at the bottom of the page. It is either clickable text or text contains copyright notice.

The footer link or footer text is best to increase keyword density and the important area for the search engines look for. The important area includes header, footer, links and images. The best keyword selection in the footer help your website high rank. If you dont want to add the clickable text in the footer then you can add small description with the main keywords in the footer. It is not a new concept and this is also correct that search engine gives same or more importance to the footer text.

A search engine can penalize your website if the footer links look spammy. So be carefull and remember these points in your mind :

a) Donot add lots of external links to the footer.
b) Include the main keyword of your website/blog.
b) The links should be relevant to your website/blog. If your website is on the travel topic and you want to add the links of external websites then add theme based.
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