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Digg Tips to Increase Traffic

Digg LogoDigg is a great social bookmarking site and can drive truck loads of traffic to your site and of course on everyone's mind is the big ten million dollar question. 'How do we get more traffic from Digg?'. Here are a few ways in which you can give your traffic ratings a boost and also by getting on to Digg in the first place you get greater search engine rankings.

1. Register on Digg and download the Digg toolbar onto your browser as this helps the Digging process and saves you a lot of precious time.

2. Always choose eye catching titles for your articles or blog posts as this will increase your chances of becoming more popular on Digg. A good title with at least one good keyword will do more for you than what you could ever imagine.

3. Write good content as this is the back bone and basis for any successful endeavor with a social bookmarking site, especially with a site of great caliber like Digg.

4. Start Digging other people's sites and posts and try to make friends with other Diggers who share the same interests as you and who have similar sites to yours. If you have a political blog for example try to find others who also have blogs on the same subject as this will induce them to come and visit your site more often too.

Digg Shout5. Send regular shouts to friends on Digg and offer to Digg their posts in return as reciprocal Digging helps to boost your Digg profile and gets the numbers up.

6. Make sure you put plenty of good information and a couple of nice pictures on your Digg profile as it is nice for others to get to know you a little bit and helps break the ice in general. This also makes you more approachable and you may see that others also will want to be your reciprocal friends on Digg.

7. Set a time each day for digging tasks and try to stick to it as much as possible as this will gradually increase your standing on Digg and eventually will also boost your traffic and Search Engine Rankings which in turn will lead to even more traffic coming to your site. It is a win situation for all.
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