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Less Known Facts About Google Ranking

Many of affiliate marketers use the Google PageRank as a reliable source to measure the popularity of the website. But many of them, in fact, many of internet users do not know how Google PageRank is actually evolved and what the notion behind it is. Ten years ago, the ranking was not the same as that of today, they were quite predictable. The search algorithm was more manually-driven than programmatically and so the search results from Google often showed the same websites over longer period of time. As a result of this, users were dependent on Google more as a site browsing tool. This is one of the facts about Google PageRanking.

However, the conditions have changed a lot now. Google has developed its services in more modern way where there is no manual dependency. All the things are taken care by algorithms. Now you do not experience the same search results for similar terms for even two days. You can see totally search results for same keywords. This really puts a question in front of all Google PageRank users, that is it really useful when Google shows very dynamic Page Ranks for the same website for same keywords. This proves that Page Rank is not merely a number but a result of complicated algorithms applied. To generate Page Rank, Google takes into account following factors- websites Meta tags, titles, keywords density, description tags, links coming from other websites, the Page Ranks of the referring websites. So you can now imagine how complex is the Page Rank generation algorithm. And this is the second of some facts about Google page ranking.

There is a variation in the Google suggestions for search query phrases. This way, the search queries data entered by people can also be under question. You cannot really depend on it. Sometimes, Google search gives totally different and strange results on the referral data of your website. Some people also reported a wide variation or sudden rise in the Google page crawling activity and after such activity, their Google traffic data was significantly decreased and hence lowering their page ranks.

For some webmasters, Google PageRank is not the only parameter to evaluate the popularity of the website. But of course they also get worried when their PageRank is modified because of any known or unknown reasons. This creates a fear among their PR network for sure. This way, above stated facts about Google PageRanking can affect your website’s popularity and thus affecting your money.
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