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Know More About Google Panda as a Ranking Factor

Google panda is the new algorithm or tool introduced by Google to make out the difference between the original and duplicate content. In this article, lets find out more about Google Panda as a Ranking Factor. This does the job perfectly and finds out just copy-pasted blog content and other low quality articles created just by re-shuffling keywords. Such websites are also known as article farm. The Google Panda was earlier named as Google Farmer which will remove weeds present in the farms of web where websites with duplicate and /or low quality content are termed as weed. After these weeds are removed, the farm can grow with a healthy crop. This way, the main goal of Google panda is to get rid of such low quality content. The website is said to be "hit with Panda" or "affected by Panda Attack: when Google terms the website as low quality.

On the web, there are many websites which copy the contents from other websites. After running this algorithm, Google marks the entire websites or pages as Panda Pages. Google has designed Panda to check low quality pages. If the website contains too many pages with low quality content, then Panda marks the entire site. This way we can look at Google Panda as a Ranking Factor, however this does not claim that your website is out of Google’s search and other tools. It is still there, and after the site-owner chooses actions to recover from Panda attack, it can be considered as a normal website again. Of course, some days or weeks might be required to get the site out from Panda Attack. In the newer versions of Panda, websites which are not much relevant and are the same since long time are also affected.

One interesting thing is that the Panda filter algorithm is not continuously running, it runs for some period of time and then rests for some time. This particular algorithm requires lot of computing power as the analysis is to be done by using some complicated methods and few hundred of parameters. During each run of Panda filter algorithm, Google has tried to enhance it with some small or big changes. The efforts to figure out good quality and low quality content are really appreciable as it tries to give credits and benefits to the original creator of the content.
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