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The Impact of Social Media on SEO

In the community of SEO, there are some conflicts of opinions over the topic "Impact of social media on SEO". Some members believe that there is surely an impact on the search engine pages ranks. Today many social media websites used by all the population over the world. Of course it is more seen in urban areas. Every person has an account on FaceBook or Twitter or MySpace. Looking at this fact, more population is available on social networks; why not use it for the purpose of marketing? So a link given on a popular blog can carry equal SEO rank as that of the link given on FaceBook page. Let's discuss the same topic here in this article in details.

In the field of Search Engine Optimization, the link building process is very important. The links pointing to your website which originate from other popular website carry lot of weight in deciding the PageRank of your website. In the same way, social media sites are also very attractive. When a link posted by you is seen by many of your potential customers and also can be carried forward to many more. All the pages on social media websites are indexed and therefore they prove to be very important in gaining good ranks. So we can say that there is surely an impact of social media on SEO.

Getting associated with social networking websites is not a very tedious job. Anyone can register with a genuine email address and set up fan pages on FB. You should try to find social site with more niche approach. This way you can target and become active on hundreds of niche websites. If you seek properly, you can get connected to various groups on social media which are associated to particular industry or area. This gives you access to all the other people or we can say potential customers connected in the group.

When talking of social media, a small hint about URL shortners will come handy. URL shortners are always present on social media, especially on Twitter. They prove to be a very good tool to shorten the URL by keeping the main anchor texts intact. If the URL shorter is not keeping the anchor tag same as original one, then the source page or website might not get ranked properly. You should prefer some paid URL shorteners which keep the anchor href tag intact while shortening it.
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