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Basic SEO Tips for Newbie

The role of keyword in search engine optimization is very important. The target keyword of the page must be in the page including heading, anchor text and meta tags. In the age of internet, it is very tough to get top rank in search engines for a particular keywords even if your website has good PR and back links. It is due to lack of SEO techniques.

Remember these points when targeting the keywords:

1. First of all do not target your page with single keyword. Use keyword combination. If your website is related to travel in India, target it by "India Travel" not by India or by travel.

2. Use keyword suggestion tools to find the idea of appropriate keyword for a particular page. The popular keyword suggestion tools are google, keyword discovery, etc.

3. Must use your keyword in heading tag, 1-2 times in title and description, means not more than 7-8 times. Do not repeat it excessive to get higher in search engine ranking. It is against the search engine guidelines and your website can be penalize.

4. Use misspelled words in the page. If your one of the page is providing tour information on Taj Mahal then use "Tag Mahal" because people from outside India using it and will be beneficial for you.

5. Title tag should not more than 5-15 words, description should be up to 200-225 words and keywords should not more than 150 words.

6. If you are using images then insert alt text relevant to the image name. Use short text and if possible use keyword in the alt text.

7. Use keyword in anchor text and it must be relevant text according to the page. Do not use text irrelevant to the page.
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