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Better Link Building Techniques

Here are a few ways in which to enhance your link building techniques that can benefit you in numerous ways including getting more traffic and ranking higher up in the Search Engines which means higher visibility and popularity. Taking care And giving the right amount of attention to your Site and also increase its value as well and when you get linked up with other valuable and relevant sites this can work wonders for you and your site in general.

a) The Page Rank of a Page linked to your site will determine and bring value to your site, so the higher the page rank of a site hooked up with yours means that your site is becoming more valuable in turn so keep an eye out for this as it is a very important point to remember and digest.

b) Getting links from a site with a page rank of 4 that has say twenty or so outbound links is by far better for you than getting a link from a site with the same page rank of which has say 70 outbound links attached to it.

c) Try to find sites which are n the same Industry as your own site and are as closely relevant to your page/site as possible as this means that you will get more noticed by Search engines than if you just add or hook up with totally random sites as just linking to these sites can be often classed as junk linking or link farming.

d) Your Anchor texts should be made up of very relevant and important keywords. Try not to just use the site’s name for a text link but try to focus on using highly searched keywords so that you get more search engine attention. You can use your text links for outgoing links, ingoing links, navigation maps and links that appear on your main page. Try to get this right as it is so important in your link building portfolio.

e) Try to not be fooled by Webmasters that use Dynamic Link pages to link to your site as they are like parasites and they DO NOT benefit you in anyway whatsoever as these links make sure you don’t benefit at all from the Search Engine Spiders.

f) JavaScript link pages are also links that are totally ignored by search engines so you should also keep on the lookout for these types of links linking to your site as are redirected links which equally bear no benefit to your site whatsoever.

g) Framed sites are also a waste of time and search engines cannot even read them so whoever uses them is wasting your time and theirs so keep your eyes peeled for any links like this that may be latching onto your pages.
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