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Carefully Exchange Links : Latest SEO Tips

Exchanging links with link farms and adding a web site to FFA link farm is very dangerous. Google and other top search engines dislike these farms. It is only design to increase page rank by exchanging links. Not a difficult task to identify the link farms. It could be a website with lots of links of the other websites. FFA link farm allow anyone to add link. Link exchange is not the solution to increase the page rank. If you exchange link with similar sites then useful else it is the wasting of time and even money only if purchase the link.

The aim of link farm is to increase page rank using link exchange program. Try to find the quality pages suitable for link exchange. Here is few important points must see before link exchange. The resource pages of Link farm are different and after reading these points, you will easily identify who will be the link farm :

a) Find websites having similar business for link exchange. It will beneficial to improve page rank.

b) Watch resource page of the website carefully. If it contains few links not more than 20 or 30 of similar websites then it might be helpful.

c) Do not participate in link exchange program having lots of links in a single page.

d) The website contains only the link of the other websites may be a link firm if it contains no any useful information for the visitors.

e) The website that contains services, product information and other related information will be the best choice for link exchange.

f) Just delete the automated email that offers to trade link. Link farms creates pages automatically using software for link exchange. Personally send email to the webmaster for link exchange.
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