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A Guide in Article Writing: How to Make Outlines

Making outlines if a fundamental writing skill. Outlines can be useful for anything that you write including articles, essays, and research papers. Outlining is one of the most basic and first techniques taught to young writers to help them organize their thoughts and structure their arguments. Unfortunately, although outlining is one of the first skills we learn, not all people make them while writing.

The Internet has placed a new emphasis on writing. Most websites rely on the written word to get across their messages. Writers that write clear, concise, and to the point articles get rewarded. All of these reasons reinforce the need for people to gravitate to writing better by using outlines. Yet some people still do not.

Although challenging, writing could be a very rewarding career. It is indeed funny to think that some people would choose to work at some sort of menial job rather than sit down with a pen and write. Those who do write, enjoy the freedom of being able to work wherever they choose to along with unlimited potential for creativity.

Creating outlines before immediately starting to write is a good way to gather your ideas and organize your thoughts. Having a well-prepared outline makes writing go smoothly because of the prep time you already put in to carefully plan the sequence of your thoughts.

An outline serves as a framework for your article. It helps you in structuring the introduction, body and conclusion of your

article. While outlining, you can and should write down just about anything that comes to your mind about your topic. The next step is to organize this collection of ideas.

Here are some tricks on how to effectively outline :

  • Jot down everything in your head. Do not worry about it making sense. Just go ahead and squeeze out all you can from your brain. Take all the time you need but remember you might have a deadline, so manage your time wisely.
  • Label your thoughts. After gathering your ideas on a subject matter, think about what would make these ideas pop out to the reader. In this stage, go for captivating words for your subtitles.
  • Connect the dots. You now have everything you need to start working on the article. So start on sequencing your collected thoughts and make logical sense of them.
  • Write a draft. This is your trial and error stage, and with practice, eventually you might end up just doing this once.
  • Proofread your work. A good writer always make sure that the message you want to be delivered to your readers are perfectly conveyed, which is why you need to recheck for grammatical errors and place the right punctuations in stressing out your point.
  • Have fun making your outlines and most importantly, enjoy writing!
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