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Examining More Tips for Title Tag SEO

In our last article we considered how to structure your title tag for optimisation. We gave examples of how you should place your keyword phrase at the beginning of the tag and then again in the title. We even stated that variations on the keyword were acceptable. We are now going to look at a few other tips to help you out.

Your title tag should have your company name in the title. Most often it is best to be at the end because it will be the lesser important phrase. Your keywords, in other words, need to be prominent in the tag. So the company name is usually found with a –company name. Some do not believe the company name should be in the tag. So this is up to you, but most argue that it helps someone find and recognise you. Thus if you leave it in, it should not be at the beginning of the tag but at the end. The only time a company name is at the beginning of a title tag is if your name is also the keyword. This is very rare. Most company names, while they reflect some aspect of the keyword, are not usually helpful enough for it to be the primary keyword.

Most of the individuals who use title tags and the company name in it do so for branding. The brand name helps boost the tag in the consumer mind, but does not affect your rankings. In fact your name is very easy to rank in other ways.

Search engine optimisation is all about the ranking of your page. In that way the title tag which will be indexed is also highly influential in your success. Overall, when talking about title tags you have to understand what parts of the title tag are elemental. In other words these aspects cannot be forgotten or left out. The construction of your title tag could mean the difference between the first or second page in the listings. You will need to experiment a little bit with how you structure the tag before you launch it.

By changing the order of the words and searching for the best or primary phrase, you can ensure you have success. Title tags are of course not the only area in which you can work on SEO, but it is often an area that is over looked.
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