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Email Marketing : Useful Tips and Tricks

Email marketing is very difficult but a powerful trick to increase visitors. It can play an important to increase your business. It is not necessary that a visitor purchase any item in first visit. Later visitor show interest to purchase when recieved your email with detailed information on your newly launched products, discount you offered, features of the products.

You can inform about your newly launched products to the visitors via email newsletter. Newsletter should be attractive, keep it in HTML or pdf format. Also remember these points for email marketing :

1. For better result avoid email marketing during holidays.
2. Send email to the recipients by their names in subject lines.
3. Some people use filter option to delete the mail. These are generally medicines or lottery related email. Avoid these words from the email.
4. You can get more ideas from the spammers sending you email on your email id.
5. Unsubscribe option should be available in your newsletter else it will look like spam.
6. Send newsletters in time. Send newsletters weekly or monthly.
7. Check the preview of newsletter design and the links you have placed.
8. Always use absolute URL's in email marketing.
9. Remove duplicate email id from the list. Else recipient will received same mail more than once.
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