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How to Increase Back Links of Your Website?

What are Backlinks?
Definition : The back links are incoming links from the external pages to a website or web page. It is also inbound links or incoming links. The popularity of a website can be measured in google by its back links. The theme based backlinks can increase the link populariy of a website in sort time.

How to Increase Back Links of a Website in a Easy Way?

We can increase back links of a website very easily by using some seo techniques. Lots of dofollow blogs are available on the web. Add comments in the other blogs but not like a spammer. Write good comment about the post. If possible write your opinion or any suggestion or your view about the post. It should not look like spam comment. Forums are also useful to increase backlinks. Register yourself in the forum that allow dofollow signature links. Participate regularly here. Create thread or post your reply in the thread of others. The signature link of your website will automatically added when you replied the thread. Link exchange is not very useful these days. But it can help if you exchange links with high authority websites. Do not participate in link exchange program with link farms. Do not forget to submit your website in quality web directories. It is very easy way to get one-way back links. For backlinks, you can also create your own blog relevant to your niche. You may add the link of your website in the blogroll of your blog.

I marked some useful directories including yahoo and dmoz that will help increase the back links of your website. Some are editor based directories. You need to join these directories as an editor. Here is the list :

http://www.khoj.com/ (For Indian websites only)
http://www.joeant.com/ (Editor based directory)
http://www.skaffe.com/ (Editor based directory)
http://www.illumirate.com/ (Editor based directory)
http://explore.oneindia.in (For Indian websites)
http://www.my-india.net/ (For Indian websites)
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