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Image Optimization

It is not possible for search engines to read the images. The images are very important part of your website. It can improve the design of your website. In SEO, it is very necessary to optimize the images of your website. You know which image is useful and which image is not. The traffic will increased on your website through image search. So always put ALT attributes in image tag. The ALT define the name of the image. Here is the example :

Suppose I have a website name http://www.xyzexample.com/ and it contains some pictures also. Suppose I am going to insert a picture of cat. Then tag which I will use :
image src=/images/cat.jpg height="define height" width="define width" ALT="cat"

Must remember some of the important point when using images :

a) If you are using small image(s) as a text or logo in website then keep its color not more than 256 and save it as .gif or .png. Using .jpeg is not an ideal choice because it will slow your website's page dowloading and the visitors will wait a long time.

b) If you are using photographs then use the jpeg images because these type of pictures need good quality and only jpeg will provides you good quality.

If you are interested in banner exchange, must add ALT attribute with your keywords. Suppose you ask to the webmaster of other website for the link exchange then give him/her code of your website with ALT tag. Example :
http://www.xyzexample.com/">""<" img src="example.gif"">"
alt="put keyword of your site here"">""<" /a">"

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