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Search Engine Optimization


Definition : It is the tactics to gain the higher page rank of web-pages in search engines. To do so, we use various techniques. I hereby explain you about this in detail....First we should know about search engine :

Search Engine : Search engine provides the facility to the visitors to search the contents of web pages using key phrase. It stores the information of all the pages of a websites into a large database. Google uses robots to add the text in its large database. Search engine stores the information periodically from the websites.

About Website Submission : It is very important to submit the website in search engines to improve page ranks. Google will provide a good page rank if your website is approved in yahoo directory. So it is necessary also to keep quality title & description of the website in search engines. If your submission in Dmoz directory will approve then it will also added in Yahoo, MSN, Google etc. in a month or two or three. So you must submit your directory in Dmoz first. But you should choose relevant category for the submission and the information of your website i.e. title & description should be relevant and grammatical mistake free. Few of the Search Engines where we should submit our site is khoj.com, Zatka.com, Atlastraveldirectory.com(Travel Related Website)
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