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About External Links


How to increase page rank of a website?

Google uses the algorithm for the page rank is it count the external links of your site on other sites. So it is very important to get external links of website from other sites. For this, you must submit your website in Dmoz.org and Yahoo.com directories because it is most important directories consider by the Google in Google's algorithm.

The next you can exchange link with other websites to get more external links.
Link Exchange : In this process both two sites links to each other. It play an important role in improving the page rank. But we should remember about the quality pages. The page where we want link should be related theme to our website otherwise it is wasteless. Suppose if we have the site related to gift and we are requesting for the link exchange to that sites which contains the information on career then it is not relevant. If the career related sites provides the gift related category for the link exchange then it is good.
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How to increase page rank of a website?

-Get Better Content!