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Avoid following Tips to Increase Google page rank

Never put ads to new sites right away as Google may mark your site as “ ad farm “ and will not index the site. You should wait for a month or so to begin ad activity.

It has been seen that Google bestows high ranking to sites having multiple inbound links. The important fact is that such links must correspond to higher ranking site only.

You will not get any benefit from any sub standard link exchange sites and more over Google will side line your site for link farming. Your inbound links must be relevant to content of website.

You can link web site with good social book marking services like del.icio.us, reddit.com, dig.com to name a few but there are many other such sites which will serve your purpose but Most of social book marking sites use rel="nofollow" attribute which does not help increasing Page rank of website.

Google detects duplicate contents, copied content etc and never index sites which use them. It is always advisable to give relevant link and disclose the content source etc.

Always link single page with canonical URL. Always refrain from excess use of key words, over optimizing, irrelevant use of key word as this adversely affects website’s page ranking.

It has been very common practice to use invisible text and use it at the end of the main page but this is no longer a sensible thing to do as modern search engines detect it and may penalize your site. Always try to avoid query characters such as “?” as search engines never appreciate dynamic pages with such characters.

It is very essential to perform correct redirecting. When moving content from one page to another make sure to include 301 redirect codes, which indicates that page has been moved permanently.

Google suggests that there should be less than 100 links in a single page.

Always put links having equal or higher page rank sites and must be relevant to the content of the page.

Never use unauthorized softwares or programs to check rankings, submit page as you may be violating service terms etc.
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