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Tips to Avoid Google Ban

Do you know the reason why your website dropped from google index and does not show the result for its target keyword. It means no more traffic on your website and google ban or penalized your website due to spamming. If your website does not suit google webmaster guidelines then google also penalize it. Google can also block your IP address when you perform aggressive amount of queries. I will discuss later why google block the IP address. Read the reason of spamming and how to avoid your website from google ban.

Some of the useful information to avoid your website or blog from google ban :

Hidden or invisible Text - Check your website carefully for the hidden text. The text color must not same with the background color. The text are hidden to the visitors and this technique is used in black hat seo.

Keyword Stuffing - Do not repeat same keyword again and again. It is known as keyword stuffing and spammers repeat the keywords in title, meta description and even in the pages to increase the ranking. Be careful.

Meta Tag Stuffing - No more importance in google since 2005. Spammers used to add unrelated keywords in the meta keywords. This technique is also consider as spam and your website will be penalized.

Scraper Website - These websites are created only to earn money through google adsense. Less or no content, full of ads and the links of the websites to send the visitors to other websites. You website should not look like scraper website.

Spam blogs - If you are a blogger then write your own content. Donot use the content of other on your blog otherwise google will ban your blog.

URL Redirection - It is also spamming because you are redirecting the visitors to other sites using meta refresh method or java script without permission.

Comment Spam - People post comments on the blogs and try to add the anchor text with the url in the comments. It can also dangerous for your website or blog.

Gateway Pages - Useless web pages that contains no or very less content in the form of keywords and link of the other websites. Please check carefully, if your website contains this type of pages, remove it permanently to avoid google ban.

Cloaking - It is the black hat seo method in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different to that presented to the visitors. Search engines hate these type of pages and ban permanently.

Buying Expired Domains - Some people purchase the expired domains for creating google bomb. Your website can also ban.

Sybil Attack - If you are the owner of 4-5 websites or the owner of the blogs then carefully link the websites or blogs. Spammers make websites and interlinked with each other to get good ranking.

Mirror Websites - If you have 2-3 websites and you are using the same content but different url names then google consider these websites as spam websites and ban permanently. So your websites must be unique content.

Page Hijacking - The hijackers hack the pages and redirect it to their own website. The search engine show the result from the same page but when visitors clicks on these pages it redirects the visitors to the hijackers pages. It is very serious spamming.
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