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Google U-Turn Path to Mosaic Cloaker

The cloaking is already very popular black hat seo technique. Now SEO specialist have discovered a new method to make search engine fool. This new cloaking method replaces only some parts of the page. In traditional cloaking, the content presented to search engine spider is different from the internet user. In cloaking a server-side script executed when identified who is requested the page. The purpose of cloaking is to deceive search engines and if search engines will detect this type of technique then it permanently banned your website.

What is Mosaic Cloaking???

It is different from the cloaking method. It presents a page with only small changes from the visible page. In this method, the blank area of the page fills with keywords that helps to make the web page more appealing to the search engine spiders.

Google has made it very clear that these cloaking methods will get your website banned from Google's index if you use them.

Google has already announced that cloaking methods will banned a website if it detect. The engineers working with search engines are highly skilled engineers that identify these unethical optimization methods and apply some techniques to detect this type of unethical method automatically. These type of techniques are risky. The best method is ethical search engine optimization, no risk and it will increase the ranking of your website.
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