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Which is Best : Absolute or Relative Link?

Absolute Link : It shows the complete URL address. For example :


It contains :

Transfer protocol i.e. http, domain name and can contain file name like http://www.yourdomainname.com/yourpage.html

Relative Link : Only partial address use to link a page like "yourpage.html"

Absolute linking is the best option and we should use absolute link because it can play a big role in search engine optimization and will improve the ranking in search engine. Use only www to link the page using relative link. Do not add non-www link to link the internal pages. Else web page will be divided into www and non-www and result in loss of ranking and page rank.

For a big website, it is difficult to use absolute link. This type of linking will increase the page size because we repeat the same domain name lots of times in a tag. For better ranking, absolute ranking will be a good choice.
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very good keep it up.
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great tips