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Open Directory Project - Dmoz Directory


The DMOZ Open Directory Project or ODP having more than 590,000 categories manage by human volunteers or editors who manage and review the website. You must read the rule before submission otherwise under strict guidelines your website will be rejected. The suggested website carefully reviewed by the human editor before listing.

It could take 3-6 months to review a website but it is not exact. Some websites listed in few weeks, some takes more time.

ODP play an important role in search engine ranking because you have the chance to get link back from the ODP and boost the ranking in google. Also Google, AOL, AllTheWeb, Hotbot and other web directories use the ODP data. So the role of ODP is very important to improve search engine ranking.

Remember few points in the mind. It could be helpful and more chances to get listed in ODP :

1) Donot exchange link with porn websites.
2) The site should not be redirected to other location.
3) It shouldnot be mirror or under construction.
4) Submit the site in most specific category in deep.
5) The description should be relevant to the category. Donot include promotional word.
6) It accept more than one page but the content should unique and relevant to the category.
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