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Black Hat SEO & White Hat SEO

Definition : Black Hat SEO

Anything that decieves search engine is known as Black Hat SEO. It includes link farms, page redirects, link to bad Neighborhoods, duplicate contents on site, duplicate websites, keyword stuffing, creating doorway pages. Search Engine may panalize the offending site or even remove the site from listing. It is not a good search engine practice to generate traffic and increase business. We should avoid it and use the White Hat SEO to optimize a website. It takes time to get high rank in search engines but very effective without any risk.

I agree, black hat seo techniques will increase ranking very soon but it is temporarely for few days or few months. Finally these type of websites ban by search engines. This technique will not give you business or traffic for long times. There are some black hat on-page and off-page seo techniques used by seo experts are mentioned below :

a) Use of duplicate content. Remember, content is the king and most important part of your website.
b) Link exchange with link farm or websites that are not relevant.
c) Use of hidden text to increase keyword density.
d) Keyword stuffing or irrelevant keywords.
e) Keyword stuffing in image alt tag.
f) Use of cloaking method.
g) Use of doorway pages.
f) Neglecting the rules of search engines.

Black Hat SEO technique can give you traffic and ranking temporarily and it can distroy your business if search engine ban your website. Use ethical seo techniques to optimize your website without any risk.

White Hat SEO :

White hat SEO follow the guidelines of search engines and design the web pages for the humans to read it easily not for the search engines to use techinque to get listed on top in search engine using wrong method of search engine optimization.
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