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Page Rank


Page Rank : According to link popularity, Google weighted the websites on the scale of 1-10. Google provides the pagerank meter on its toolbar. You can download it free from the website http://toolbar.google.com. The higher the PageRank of the page that's linking to you, the more your site's PageRank will increase.

To improve page rank, it is very necessary to get the backlink. You can get backlink by link exchange. But try to get your external links on that site whose page rank is greater than your website's page rank. Do not exchange link with that website whose page rank is 0 and not indexed by Google. You can download google toolbar from here : http://toolbar.google.com/T4/

You can also know your website's backlink automatically and save your lots of time to search your backlink information in Yahoo, Google & MSN. I also take help from this page : http://www.pagerank.net/link-popularity-checker/
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Anonymous said :
3:29 AM
I have installed the google toolbar but I am unable to see the page rank scale. Please help me
Hem Rai said :
3:30 AM
Dear Friend

Go to the option of the google toolbar and check the box "Page rank"...click on ok then restart your browser again. you will get the page rank meter.

Hem Rai